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Get clear, specific recommendations that are guaranteed to increase your conversion rates

You’ll get more leads and customers without spending more on advertising or working longer

Most people never make their online businesses as successful as they’d like. They turn a profit, but that’s about it.

It might seem like there’s no way you’ll ever have the time or money for the things you really want to do–as your spouse, children, and friends might often remind you.

I won’t lie and say, “Conversion rate optimization is the missing magic bullet for every situation.”

But it’s often what makes a profitable business grow to reach the really big goals you have in mind.

Higher conversion rates offer clear benefits. For starters, you’ll get more leads (contacts and/or subscribers) and customers even if you don’t get more visitors.

But advanced conversion optimization also creates results people don’t always expect:

  • Your average sale value and profit margins go up
  • You get more repeat customers and long-term clients
  • You can increase your advertising expenses and still earn a bigger profit (this will drive your competitors insane)

Even small businesses that understand the value of conversion optimization often beat big, well-established competitors.

While others are wasting their time trying out the latest shiny marketing tactic, some people are consistently improving their results.

In many cases, the only reason smart, ambitious small business owners don’t take advantage of conversion optimization is that they don’t know what they should change.

If you start making changes that don’t produce good results, you’re wasting time and effort, and you’re losing money in the process.

This isn’t limited to small businesses. One company I worked with paid $250,000 (I’m not joking) for their website. It wasn’t a big site, it didn’t have any special features, and it didn’t convert (that’s why I got involved).

I wonder what their results would have been had they focused on conversion from the start instead of cool design. Maybe, instead of settling for a $200mil turnover, they would’ve reached a billion.

The smaller your business, the less money you can waste on things that don’t have a clear, positive impact on your results.

But it’s far easier to make your website follow the latest trends than it is to find sound advice on conversion optimization if your business isn’t big enough.

Conversion agencies don’t even work with small businesses. For example, the conversion agency I’ve worked with targets companies with a turnover of a bare minimum of half a million dollars (preferably much, much more).

Besides, for small businesses, a clear list of recommended improvements is usually preferable to a long-term contract meant for large companies with big budgets and extensive testing and web development capabilities.

What you can get here is a list of straightforward recommendations of what you should change on your website to radically increase your conversion rates.

But before I talk about the Conversion Optimization Report (COR), you should understand the process I use to pinpoint the changes that will create the most significant increases in your conversion rates.

The science behind unusual results

The methods most people use for conversion optimization are painfully slow and ineffective.

They hear about a “standard best practice,” they change their call-to-action button’s color (or something as trivial), and they expect their conversion rates to go up.

Sometimes, though rarely, it works.

But those results are insignificant compared to high-impact changes.

High-impact changes are based on a comprehensive evaluation of your entire site, its conversion paths, its page elements, and–most importantly–your visitors’ perception of your site.

They’re not generic “best practices.” They’re changes that work specifically for you.

The recommendations I give (in the Conversion Optimization Report and in my consulting practice) are based on my 3 basic conversion principles.

Behind these principles is a much larger framework for analyzing websites and conversion paths.

Some things that affect your conversion rates are easy to notice on your site. And those same things will affect the conversion rates of other websites as well. But they might be really difficult to notice on other sites. Similarly, some things are easy to spot on other sites but almost impossible to notice on your site.

That’s why a detailed framework that lists all key conversion aspects—instead of just a gut feeling and cursory methodology—exposes more and better opportunities for growth.

But you still need to turn those opportunities into practical changes. And that’s where I come in.

I’m Finnish, which not only means that my dogs and I are used to eyeball-freezing winters, but it also means I have straightforwardness hard-coded into my genes.

That means I don’t waste time circling around an idea. Instead, I see—and say—things plainly.

If you’d rather just have a “hip and cool” website, please find someone else to work with because I’m going to tell you to make changes regardless of how good you think your site already is.

If you’d rather get that warm and fuzzy feeling of “wow, everything looks great,” hire a web design company that also sells “conversion optimization.” They’ll give you exactly what they believe you want to see.

Advanced conversion optimization is meant for the ambitious

As I mentioned before, advanced conversion optimization creates results most people are unaware of and that the usual advice doesn’t create.

When done right, it will increase your average sale value–not just the number of sales.

It will make your customers loyal and “stick” with you, and they’ll want to refer you to their friends offline and online (for example, in social media and blogs).

In the end, it can make you the market leader in your field.

Even with this knowledge, many people are hesitant to change their sites.

They’ve fallen in love with their design. They like all the fancy animations they spent hours building.

Or they just don’t believe they could get better results.

And they fall short of their goals, work long hours, and don’t have time for their families or other pursuits.

The people who do build unusually successful businesses are the people who take advantage of opportunities.

They test new ideas and change the game plan if it’s not delivering a high return.

Plus, they don’t build their marketing (including their website) based on what’s “cool” or the latest trend. Instead, they focus on elements that create the best results and make changes accordingly.

And they don’t ever think, This is it. It can’t get any better. Instead, when they have the opportunity to make something more effective, they jump on it.

Conversion optimization is the “holy grail” of successful businesses.

Its nature is to build on previous successes and continuously create better results regardless of how well things already work.

No matter how many leads or sales your website generates, there’s always a way to make it better.

High-impact changes and well-crafted tests usually result in double digit increases in your conversion rates. And when you compound those results, you’ll often double or even triple your conversion rates in a short time.

Sometimes, even after lots of testing, the conversion rate of a site can be increased by more than 1000% (no, that’s not a typo).

10 reasons why small businesses should focus on conversion optimization

1. Beat your biggest competitors

The real reason conversion optimization is necessary for small businesses is that it neutralizes the playing field.

Larger competitors have a bigger advertising budget, and even a mediocre ad campaign can bury your marketing so nobody notices you.

But when your website converts much more consistently then theirs, the large ad budget doesn’t help them anymore.

With better conversion, you can spend more time and money getting a visitor to your site because you know those visitors convert to sales.

And, according to several studies, more and more people commonly check out all options online. They don’t just go to one site and accept it as the only option. Instead, they check out your site and your competitors’ sites.

What happens if you have just a slightly higher conversion rate than your competitors? You’re going to get a huge majority of the business.

When people see all the options, and when they decide your site offers the best possible option (even if the difference is small), they’re going to choose you.

2. Get more leads

When you convince potential customers that your product or service will solve their problems or fill a need, they’re much less likely to become your competitor’s leads.

They’ve already joined your email list, contacted you, or requested a callback, so why would they go to your competitors?

And if you use some little-known tricks, they’re even less likely to check out your competition.

Essentially, you’re not only getting more leads, you’re also taking leads away from your competitors.

And that happens without investing more money on advertising, going to networking events, or sending emails to potential customers last thing before you go to bed.

3. Get more customers or clients

All businesses aim to make sales whether you’re selling products or services.

Increasingly often, the business’s website is the place where people make the decision to buy even if they can’t make the purchase there.

That’s true even if you’re selling high-priced B2B solutions. People make the subconscious emotional decision to choose you when they visit your website.

And when you get the sale or client, it usually means less money in your competitors’ pockets.

Instead of worrying about how you’d get even a few of your competitors’ clients, they’ll wonder why your business is growing at such an alarming rate.

All the while you’ll have more time for other things besides running your business.

4. Increase your average sale value

When conversion optimization is done right, it won’t just result in more sales. It will also increase the average sale value.

Cross-selling and up-selling are some of the most difficult things to set up right. But when you get them to work, they can increase your profits significantly and even make your customers appreciate you more.

Let’s say the usual customer buys something worth $50, and you had to spend $10 and 15 minutes to make that sale happen. And your profit margin is 50%.

You’d be left with $15 for 15 minutes of work.

What if you could get that customer to buy an $80 product instead and add a $30 cross-sell to the deal?

You’d be left with $55 for the same work.

That’s a 267% increase in net profits.

Even if you’d only add $10 to the average sale and a $10 cross-sell, you’d still be left with a 67% increase in net profit.

Results like that are far from unusual.

If you sell high-priced or continuity services or expensive products, the differences are sometimes hundreds or thousands of percentage points.

5. Increase your profit margins

Increasing your average sale value effectively makes your profit margins higher because you’re not spending any additional time or money to make those big sales.

This, perhaps surprisingly, is the point that will really drive your competitors crazy.

How can they compete with you when your profit margin is higher than theirs?

They can’t outspend you with advertising because that would dip into their margins even more—that’s a tactic big companies can leverage as a last resort when a smaller competitor is catching up to them. (And it works if your conversion rate isn’t higher than theirs.)

6. Get confidence to invest in advertising

Many small business owners dread advertising.

They see it as a potential money drain. And with good reason.

If your site doesn’t consistently convert visitors to leads and sales, why would you pay to get them there?

Small businesses often have sites with conversion rates just barely high enough to cover ad expenses and leave some revenue for bill paying.

That doesn’t instill confidence in you, does it?

What if you could know that each dollar you spend on advertising would come back with a nice profit?

You could confidently outbid your competitors and get big returns for your money–consistently, predictably, and even easily.

7. Get more long-term customers

Most people never think about long-term business relationships when they think about conversion optimization.

And the usual conversion optimization doesn’t really help you with this.

But when you do it right, you can make your customers stay with you far longer.

Conversion optimization shouldn’t be just about converting visitors to customers. That’s where most people, businesses, and even conversion companies stop.

But there’s a huge opportunity in optimizing the things that happen later on.

What if only 20% more of your customers buy from you again? How much time would that free up, time you wouldn’t need to spend finding new customers?

8. Get better results from social media

Conversion optimization can get you more attention in social media and much higher conversion rates for social media traffic (which are usually very low).

Just slapping some social media buttons on every page won’t give you the best results. Actually, they often lower your overall conversion rate.

Instead, you should do what really works.

And no, it’s not what most people do. In one large test, changing the way social media buttons were used created a 3600% difference in social media shares.

The changes you can make to convert the traffic that comes from social media to leads and sales will make an even bigger difference in your success.

9. Get better results from all marketing efforts

You shouldn’t pay for advertising or spend much time with marketing before your site is optimized.

It doesn’t have to be “perfect,” but if you start paying for advertising before your site effectively converts visitors to leads and customers, you’re wasting most of your money.

Whenever your website plays any role in your marketing strategy, it will either increase or diminish the results you get from marketing.

Even if you attract lots of people to your site, a low conversion rate means you won’t get leads and customers.

This is why many people spend a lot of time and money on marketing, but they can’t make their businesses as successful as they could if their site would convert.

When your site has a high conversion rate, you can rely on it to make the most of all your marketing efforts.

10. Get lasting results that grow and compound

Unlike advertising or most other marketing costs, the results you get with conversion optimization don’t end at the “end of the project or campaign.” Instead, they compound, and over time they continue to pay back for the time and money you put into it earlier.

Sure, advertising also builds brand awareness and can factor heavily in sales. But its impact is near impossible to measure, and it’s extremely expensive compared to conversion optimization.

And the moment you stop advertising, it stops creating leads and sales.

However, when you increase your conversion rate, it stays high until you decide to make it even higher with more optimization.

When Peter talks conversion optimization, I listen.

His knowledge and understanding of the topic is superb. Without hesitation I would recommend Peter to anyone looking to improve their website’s conversion.

– Michael Zipursky, marketing consultant

Peter is a master at conversion.

He is one of a small handful of people in the world that I listen to on the topic of conversion.

– Steve Gordon, marketing consultant

Get a clear list of changes that make a big difference

Conversion optimization is a necessity if your business relies at all on your website.

If it doesn’t convert visitors to leads and customers, even the best products and the cleverest marketing won’t help you get to your real goals.

But the typical conversion optimization process is hopelessly slow, and it never produces the same results you can get with high-impact changes.

The Conversion Optimization Report gives you dozens of recommendations (usually 50-60 if you have a big site), and each one will make a real difference.

Sure, they’re not all huge changes. And hardly any of them are technically complicated.

But because they’re meant to work together and they’re specific to your site, they increase your conversion rates significantly.

Plus, they don’t just convert visitors to leads and sales, they also make your site easier and more pleasant to use, which your visitors will appreciate.

Quite possibly the most important benefit of a higher conversion rate is that your business will run more smoothly, giving you time for other things.

For me that meant spending more time with my wife (and buying some gifts I couldn’t previously afford) and longer and more frequent walks with our dogs.

I don’t know what it means for you, but many people have told me they’ve had more time with their kids, less stress about money and their business, and newfound motivation and confidence to grow their business.

Or maybe you want to have more time to lower your golf handicap.

Conversion optimization is a way to make your business create better results even if you don’t change anything else.

The recommended changes in the COR don’t require significant strategic changes or anything else that would take months to implement.

Instead, the recommendations help you get a significant result quickly.

That’s what small-business owners usually need and ask for.

If you want to invest more time and money in conversion optimization, contact me to discuss a customized consultation package. The most important difference between the COR only and the consultation package is that we’ll do a lot of testing. But even then I’d recommend starting with the COR as it gives significant results quickly, so you don’t need to wait for test results.

But because testing is so important when you go after maximum results, even the COR by itself outlines some of the most promising test opportunities possible for your unique company and website.

Get ideas for impactful testing

You’ll see a dramatic difference in your results when you implement the changes recommended in the Conversion Optimization Report.

But only well-crafted tests can create the best possible results.

The test ideas you’ll get in the COR aren’t just “simple” tests.

Instead, their purpose is to give you true insight about your business, visitors, and marketing.

And no, that’s not what typical tests do; their purpose is to tell you which random headline formula, button color, or image works better.

The tests in the COR might seem a bit similar, but there’s a huge difference in how much value you’ll get from them. It also explains how to use the results so you’ll benefit from the tests as much as possible.

You’ll get ideas for tests that can make huge differences. But because implementing each test takes time, and the purpose of this report is to get your conversion rates up quickly, there are only a few test ideas–the most promising ones.

If you need help, you got it

The recommendations in the COR are clear, and there’s always an explanation of why each of them works.

But if you have any questions, we’ll sort them out until you know exactly what you should do to get the best results.

And if you have an idea you want to run by me, that’s covered too.

Simply put, if and when you have questions that relate to the COR, I’ll help as much as you need.

200% Guarantee

The typical “30-day money-back” guarantee doesn’t really mean much.

Most people won’t use it even if they aren’t happy with the product or service they bought.

And when they do use the guarantee, the business doesn’t lose anything because they’re only giving money back that they got from the customer in the first place.

It’s the guarantee people offer even when their products aren’t good.

That’s why I’m giving a 200% guarantee (with no time limit).

If implementing the recommendations in the report doesn’t create a higher conversion rate than your current site, I’ll give you your money back–double.

So, either your conversion rate gets higher or you get your money back plus I pay you from my own pocket the same amount you paid for the report.

There are two reasons why I offer a guarantee that’s so unforgiving for me:

First, the typical guarantees are so common that people don’t even notice them—they’re expected and taken for granted. Offering a much stronger guarantee than usual is a way to make you notice that you’re truly guaranteed to get good results.

Second, I know investing in something new feels like a risk. The guarantee makes it obvious that there’s no risk to you—I don’t just take away your risk, I also create real risk to myself to make this a no-brainer deal for you.

How’s that for transparent marketing? I told you I say things plainly, didn’t I?

Increase your conversion rates

The Conversion Optimization Report gives you a list of specific changes (usually between 50-60) that make a true difference in your results.

The changes are easy to implement (at least almost all of them), so you’ll see the results quickly.

You’ll even get a few ideas for tests that give you true insight into your business. The results are sometimes so drastic that they prompt a completely new marketing strategy (that beats the old one by a huge margin).

If for any reason the recommended changes don’t create higher conversion rates than your site produces right now, you’ll get your money back doubled. Yup, I’ll pay you from my own pocket unless your results get better.

It’s not a magic bullet–no such thing exists, really–but it’s the most consistently profitable investment a business can make because it multiplies the results of all your future marketing.

A higher conversion rate can make a profitable business reach the bigger goals you have in mind and beat your competitors.

Possibly most important is that the Conversion Optimization Report is meant for small business owners who want to see those results quickly with only a small investment of time and money.

You’ll get more profits without spending any more time working, so you’ll have more time for your family, friends, and hobbies.

Get a detailed report of your site that shows you the best opportunities for better results

After the payment, you’ll just need to tell me what your domain name is (e.g.,

I’ll also contact you with some specific questions about your website and business, which will allow me to find the best opportunities. There’s very little you need to do, but you’ll get simple instructions after the payment.

If you’re serious about taking your business forward, click the button below to get started.



If you live in the EU, a 24% VAT will be added, but you get the VAT refunded if you send me your business information and VAT ID number.

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Advanced conversion optimization has several benefits, some of which most people don’t know about:

  • It generates more leads (contacts and/or subscribers)
  • It drives more sales (regardless of what you sell)
  • It increases your average sale value
  • It widens your profit margins (this is what really drives your competitors nuts)
  • It allows your website to make the most of all traffic (reduces bounce rate and drives visitors to your conversion goals)
  • It improves the results you get from all future marketing (when your website is involved)
  • It gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors (even big ones)
  • It allows you to use advertising with confidence because you’ll be sure of good results
  • It does all that with no additional, continuous effort from you, so you’ll have more time for your family, friends, and hobbies.

The Conversion Optimization Report is a tailor-made list of changes you can make on your website that increase your conversion rates.

It also lays out the most promising tests you can run and explains how to get the most out of the results. They have little to do with the typical tests people run that usually don’t create relevant differences.

And if you need help with getting the most out of the recommended changes, I’m here to help you.

To make this a no-brainer for any serious business owner, there’s a 200% guarantee: if the recommended changes don’t create a higher conversion rate than your current site, you’ll get your money back–doubled.

Advanced conversion optimization works as a multiplier for all your marketing efforts.

And this report gives you a jumpstart.

I’d like you to get those results too, so click here to get started.