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Your Stand Out Message tells exactly what makes you stand out in a way that people care about. It makes it easy for you and your team to develop marketing that makes an impact.

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Marketing Messaging Development Isn’t Just About Words

To develop winning marketing messaging, we need more than clever words. We need to identify the audience that’s most likely to choose you — otherwise not even the best message can create great results.

That is to say, sharpening your marketing message in a way that actually makes a difference to your sales, requires some true strategic thinking. But when we do it, you’re nearly guaranteed to see an increase in sales.

Peter helped me increase my sales by 423%.

Danny Iny

marketing messaging client Mirasee

Almost no one can differentiate themselves in our industry, but now we have a marketing message that clearly separates us from competitors.

Mikki Aalto-Ylevä

marketing messaging client Haltu

Peter brought clarity to our marketing. We’ve approximately doubled our online sales each year since then (breaking the $1mil line).

Halfdan Hansen

marketing advisor client Jens Hansen

Stand Out Message

Typical marketing messaging consulting or branding doesn’t answer the question, “What do we say in marketing, so more people buy?”

That’s what your Stand Out Message does.

It tells what to build your advertising campaigns around. It tells what to write on your website and in brochures. It tells what to prioritize in your business to grow your advantage.

In short, it tells what makes people want to buy from you.

You are too close to your business to see it from a potential customer’s perspective.

Marketing pros know that and get help with it. That’s why so many marketing companies get my help with messaging that I’ve earned the nickname “marketers’ marketer.”

Peter has helped us clarify our messaging and focus on the most impactful aspects of marketing. We’ve been able to focus on doing marketing and sales, instead of spending time on polishing strategy or general pondering.

Juha Riippi

marketing advisor client Quanscient

Even though I have coached thousands of business owners in developing their own marketing and message, I turned to Peter.

Jon Goldman

marketing messaging client Brand Launcher

The [new messaging] helped us not just define our product’s greatest benefits, but also wording it in a way that put them into perspective for the buyer to understand.

Rasmus Bjergegaard

marketing messaging client Baltic Assist

What Your Stand Out Message Blueprint Includes

Your Blueprint will include all the elements that make it easy for you to create consistently effective marketing campaigns and materials.

marketing messaging blueprint

1. What makes someone likely to buy from you

This section clarifies how we’re defining your target customer in a way that gives you a natural advantage.

2. What differentiates you most effectively

This section clarifies why your target customers choose you over all their other options, so you know what to highlight in marketing.

3. Your strategic advantage

This section makes it clear where you need to compete to have the best chance of winning and what gives you the edge. This guides all your business decisions to maximize consistent growth.

4. Your Stand Out Message

This tells exactly what you need to communicate with marketing to immediately stand out as the best option for your target customers.

5. The best methods to communicate your Stand Out Message

This section lists the most effective methods for communicating each part of your Stand Out Message.

6. Example headlines, article topics, etc.

This section turns your Stand Out Message into practical, copy-pasteable form to make it easy to get started using your Message.

7. High-priority marketing materials to create

This section lists the specific marketing materials that you should prioritize creating or updating to see the greatest impact.

Stand Out Message Compared to Common Messaging Aides

Developing your Stand Out Message Blueprint is an extremely quick and light project for you. It can often be done in only 2-3 weeks and typically all you (and/or your team) need to do is attend 3 calls.

Value Proposition

A value proposition describes “the value you provide your customers.” As necessary as it is for you to know that, it doesn’t translate easily into actual marketing.

Your Stand Out Message is about what motivates people to buy. Instead of trying to convince people to want something they don’t already want, your marketing makes them see they can get something they’re already looking for.

Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) describes “a unique characteristic of a product or service.” Much like value propositions, it’s hard to create marketing based on it.

Your Stand Out Message focuses on the differences that matters most to your target customers. It clarifies what makes them prefer your product or service and tells exactly how to communicate it in marketing.


Branding refers to the visuals that support your message. It can also refer to becoming more distinctive. Both of those things rely on a sharp marketing message.

Your Stand Out Message tells what your branding should highlight. It guarantees your marketing is distinctive by keeping the messaging coherent across campaigns and focuses it on what people care most about.

Stand Out Message in Practice

Your Stand Out Message clarifies what your marketing should communicate to create the first impression of, “That’s exactly what I’ve hoped to find!”

The Message itself combines two things: what motivates people to buy and what makes them choose you.

The goal is for the whole messaging blueprint to make it easy for you to create marketing materials. It also guarantees that all of your marketing messaging is consistent and creates a cohesive image/brand.


Your website is one of the few marketing materials that influence nearly every potential customer.

For many, it’s where they form the first impression of you. For others, it’s where they go when they’re considering buying.

Your Stand Out Message clearly lists the specific ideas to build your website around. In many cases, you can even copy-paste parts directly to your website.


Your Stand Out Message tells what exact ideas to build ad campaigns around, so you have the best chance of seeing great ROI right away.

Another benefit of building advertising campaigns based on a clear message is that, even if the individual advertisements focus on different details, they form a cohesive image.

Content and social media

You know what makes you stand out from the competition. You also know what kinds of people appreciate your differentiators the most. So, you can easily pick topics that attract the most likely customers.

You also automatically highlight exactly what makes those people want to buy.

Business development

Your Stand Out Message tells what advantages you should develop further. That guides decisions from product/service development to customer experience.

But it goes beyond marketing and ties in with almost all business decisions from pricing to product development and from resource allocation to customer experience.

In just 4 or 5 months we were so far behind in work we had to hire more people to cover the work.

David Roussel

marketing advisor client SouthAir

We’ve always known that we need a marketing message that tells concretely, yet interestingly, what [our service] is about, but developing a clear message hasn’t worked out. The result was a better way to explain what we basically already knew ourselves.

Nuutti Matinupa

marketing messaging client Innoduel

Peter first improved my messaging, so it became clearer what to focus on to stand out as the best option for my potential customers. He has guided my marketing strategy and given clear guidance on how to implement things. I have broken my revenue goals multiple times since then.

Inez Vermeulen

marketing advisor client Europe HR Solutions

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Within 2 weeks… I got more clients paying for my high-end program than I did in the previous 6 months.

Steve Horsmon

marketing advisor client Steve Horsmon

Talking with Peter, after so many years of hype and over-promise with other marketers, is like landing on a sane, calm, more intelligent planet. I’ve always wanted a “me” for my own marketing, and I found him in Peter, the marketer’s marketer.

Ann Convery

marketing messaging client Speak Your Business

I was stuck trying to develop my [messaging] on my own. I couldn’t quite see what would excite a client enough to hire my company. [Now] I can see it in people’s eyes that they understand how beneficial my services could be to solving their issues.

Elayne Summers

Zero Defects Solutions