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Grow Through Disciplined Decisions

When you’re in charge of marketing, you make countless decisions. You don’t need them all to be perfect to make great progress. However, mistakes can be expensive.

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It’s Hard to Read the Label from Inside the Jar

The most difficult part is seeing things clearly when you’re so close to them. You can do a pretty good job, but occasionally you’ll have a blindspot. A pretty good job and the occasional blind spot will make you struggle to see consistent growth or at least fall behind competition.

Here are some decisions I help my clients with as their marketing advisor:

  • What changes would make the company stand out more effectively?
  • How can we use different channels to create a more memorable brand?
  • How will we find and fix the weakest links in your marketing and sales?
  • Which opportunities should we prioritize to maximize long-term results?
  • What risks come with different options and how can we manage them?
  • What should we do to adjust to changes in the market?
  • What resources are going to waste because they don’t align with the goals?

Overall, I help you stay focused on what matters most and see the options you have more clearly.

When you work with Peter Sandeen, you have a thought partner and an expert on your team. Rarely do deep knowledge and pragmatism come together in one person, as they do with Peter.

Constance Dierickx

marketing advisor client Constance Dierickx

Peter has helped us clarify our messaging and focus on the most impactful aspects of marketing. We’ve been able to focus on doing marketing and sales, instead of spending time on polishing strategy or general pondering.

Juha Riippi

marketing advisor client Quanscient

Peter brought clarity to our marketing. We’ve approximately doubled our online sales each year since then (breaking the $1mil line).

Halfdan Hansen

marketing advisor client Jens Hansen

We All Are Farsighted

No matter how well we know business and marketing, we have blind spots.

Here are some of the most common blind spots we all develop about our own company, marketing, and offers. These are all real examples from successful companies that ultimately hired me to see what they were missing:

  • Current challenges become the focus. For example, a high-tech product manufacturer had a new version of their best-selling product. They were trying to get more of their customers to upgrade to the new version. The issue was that, even if all their customers would’ve made the switch, it wouldn’t have made nearly as much of a difference to their profit as up-selling almost any of their other products to those same customers, which proved to be far easier.
  • Claims become accepted truths. For example, a service business could cut a building’s energy consumption commonly by 30%+. For everyone in the company, it was a simple fact. They used it as a headline on their website and in advertising—as they should. But they didn’t explain how it was possible. For everyone outside the company, it was a hard-to-believe marketing claim. As soon as we acknowledged that, we could address it in marketing in a way that made the claim believable.
  • Old advantages get forgotten. For example, a consulting firm grew rapidly for a few years. The owners saw potential in expanding to new services and made huge investments into those. But then they hit a plateau while suddenly dealing with massive fixed costs. The problem was that they misunderstood why people bought from them, so they didn’t do any of those things while marketing their new services. As soon as they saw that and started doing the things that made them successful in the first place, their new services became easy to sell.
  • Past decisions become unquestioned expenses. For example, a consumer service company had years ago decided to invest in a marketing-adjacent department. And for some time it was justified. However, no one had considered whether the fixed costs (~5% of revenue) were still worthwhile. After a bit of digging, it was clear that roughly 80% of the cost provided no value to the company, even though everyone at the department was always busy. We could quickly focus the department on the few truly profitable responsibilities, expand those further, and overall cut spending.
  • Projects become pet projects. For example, a consultancy’s revenue was dwindling. A new tool had enabled their clients to simplify some of the things they sold help with. The CEO decided they should embrace using the tool and make it the centerpiece of their messaging. But that made their messaging so unfocused that they lost even more sales. As soon as we focused the messaging on a clear problem people still needed help with, they reached record sales.

    This farsightedness is the reason even marketing companies get help from a marketing advisor who can see their blind spots. Seeing your own decisions objectively—let alone from the perspective of your potential customers—is challenging.

    That’s why so many of them have come to me that I’ve earned the nickname “marketers’ marketer.”

    Peter helped me increase my sales by 423%.

    Danny Iny

    marketing messaging client Mirasee

    Even though I have coached thousands of business owners in developing their own marketing and message, I turned to Peter.

    Jon Goldman

    marketing messaging client Brand Launcher

    Talking with Peter, after so many years of hype and over-promise with other marketers, is like landing on a sane, calm, more intelligent planet. I’ve always wanted a “me” for my own marketing, and I found him in Peter, the marketer’s marketer.

    Ann Convery

    marketing advisor client Speak Your Business

    Get a clear view from the outside

    No matter how we work together, it will save you time. And our work will suit your schedule. The busier you are, the more projects you have going on, the more hectic things seem, the more time a marketing advisor should save you.

    Also, although I can take the lead and go through things every business should consider, we always focus on whatever is the priority at the time. If you aren’t sure what the priority should be, we get clear on that first.

    Marketing Advisor:

    Getting an advisor works best for marketing leaders in larger organizations.

    Maybe you have a lot riding on a campaign you’re responsible for, but you aren’t 100% confident in how it’s progressing. Maybe you have to cut the budget from something, but it’s unclear what’s producing the sales. Maybe sales aren’t growing as you expected, but there’s no clear reason for it.

    Or maybe you just want to make sure you aren’t missing something that would end up being costly.

    You get an experienced set of eyes looking at things from the outside. Whether you have a specific concern or just want to talk through the plan, you can make decisions more confidently.

    Marketing Coaching:

    1-on-1 coaching is usually the best option for smaller companies.

    We go over what’s happened since we last spoke, what questions came up, what the next steps are, and what’s the best way to take those steps.

    We make the marketing decisions together, so you feel confident you’re moving in the right direction. When unexpected things happen, when new opportunities pop up, when something doesn’t work as expected, you always get clear direction. And it’s never just instructions of what to do. You always fully understand the options and the reasoning behind them.

    The goal is not just to grow your business. The goal is also to make you a more confident and competent marketing leader.

    In just 4 or 5 months we were so far behind in work we had to hire more people to cover the work.

    David Roussel

    marketing advisor client SouthAir

    Peter first improved my messaging, so it became clearer what to focus on to stand out as the best option for my potential customers. He has guided my marketing strategy and given clear guidance on how to implement things. I have broken my revenue goals multiple times since then.

    Inez Vermeulen

    marketing advisor client Europe HR Solutions

    Peter gave me clear steps to follow to rebuild all the steps in my conversion path. And a clear process to follow in order to test and improve on this once we had it up and running. I now have a sales funnel in place that is consistently producing sales when I run ad traffic to it.

    Mark Morley-Fletcher

    marketing advisor client Play in the Zone

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    • Where you have the greatest potential for growth
    • What next steps you could take to see significant improvements
    • If there is a good fit, how we might work together

    There's no assumption or pressure to hire me at the end. However, these sessions are meant for people who are genuinely interested in possibly working together. If you want to just send me a message, the email address is below.

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    Within 2 weeks… I got more clients paying for my high-end program than I did in the previous 6 months.

    Steve Horsmon

    marketing advisor client Steve Horsmon

    Working with Peter meant I had his laser focused and practical advice directly applied to my sales funnel. I set up my new sales funnel within 4-6 weeks. It’s already converting at close to 6% on a $1,000 product.

    Natalie Sisson

    marketing advisor client Suitcase Entrepreneur

    On every point of discussion Peter always had experienced and knowledgeable ideas of how to solve any problem.

    Ian Roberts

    marketing advisor client Ian Roberts