Privacy, Terms, etc.

Company information

Email: contact {at}

Phone: If you want to call me, please reach out via email first to set it up

Company name: Sandeen Oy (Finnish for Sandeen ltd.)

VAT ID: FI2561918-4


I will never share any of your information with anyone. The information may be stored outside the EU.

Basic tracking (e.g., cookies) used by virtually every professional website happens automatically and possibly gathers technically identifiable data (e.g., IP address). I only use tracking for my own purposes (i.e., I don’t sell access to tracking on my site). Simply put, I only use functional cookies (that enable the website to function as intended), tracking cookies that help me understand what goes on on my website, and advertising cookies that allow me to show ads to more relevant audiences.

If you want all the tracking information related to you deleted, contact me.


If you hire me, all the information I learn of you or your business is confidential. The only thing I can mention to someone else or publicly is that I have worked with you and/or your company. That is to say, anything I learn of you or your business is not going to get shared forward, regardless of how significant or insignificant it is. Of course, if I’m legally required to share something with relevant authorities, I will.

Yes, this has led to some funny situations where I’m working with multiple companies in the same industry, but none of them have known it, and I haven’t shared what one company has learned with any other. That is, I’m good at compartmentalizing what I learn when working with my clients.


I’m flexible with when we can talk, however, by default all coaching calls are done via Zoom between 11am and 9pm Finnish time.

If you need to reschedule an individual coaching call, just tell me about it at least 24h before. Of course, if something very unexpected comes up, it’s fine if you let me know later.

During long-term coaching, we will occasionally skip calls due to vacations, holidays, illnesses, etc. The “lost” time compensates slightly for the extra time we will likely spend at the end of many coaching calls.

All service contracts expire if the client doesn’t move the project along and stay in contact with me for 3 months in a row. No refunds are issued in such cases. Note that none of my services include active follow-up from my part. In other words, if it’s your turn to do some work, it’s up to you to do it (I don’t promise to remind you about it or check why I haven’t heard from you). Continuous services (e.g., monthly coaching) continue until you stop paying for the service, whether you use it or not.

You can cancel long-term coaching at any point (after the possible initial contract period has ended). We will then continue to the end of the ongoing billing cycle.

Right to decline work

There are a number of reasons why I wouldn’t want to work with a particular company.

For example, there are certain industries I don’t want to help thrive (e.g., tobacco), so I won’t work with companies in those industries.

I also don’t want to work with companies I don’t believe I can help (e.g., if you ask me to help increase your conversion rates for a site I don’t believe I can improve significantly, I have to turn down the project). So, if you pay for a service before checking with me that I believe we’ll be a good match, I reserve the right to simply refund the payment. This protects us both from wasting time and energy.


All payment plans and continuous coaching agreements are, by default, set up with an automatic payment method. This typically means a “subscription,” which is either open ended (e.g., in coaching) or ends after a set number of payments (i.e., payment plans). This is easier for both of us because it means we don’t need to think about it every month separately.

Note: If you aren’t okay with automatic payments, ask beforehand if we can get around it somehow. It’s typically a significant additional hassle and frustration for me, so please understand that there will likely be a meaningful additional fee to cover that hassle and frustration of setting up and tracking individual payments.

Once you’ve signed up for automatic payments, I don’t refund payments just because you didn’t realize they’re automated. This, of course, doesn’t affect guarantee-related refunds.

Note: I don’t accept checks because they haven’t been used in Finland for decades.


I provide guidance and ideas. You are responsible for implementation. And you are responsible for the results. In other words, you can take the credit for good results, but you’re also entirely responsible for any negative results.

Governing laws

I’m Finnish, live in Finland, and my business is based in Finland. So, I follow Finnish laws, and in the unlikely event of legal disputes, they will be handled in Finnish court in Helsinki. There are lots of countries in the world, and they all have their own laws. I doubt anyone even claims to know them all. So, if it seems the country you live in has different laws, you might be right. And feel free to let me know if it seems relevant, but I act based on Finnish laws only.


If you’d like to reprint/republish my free content or part of free content I’ve published, contact me first. I’m usually fine with it, but please ask for the permission first—I don’t like unauthorized republishing. Quoting a few sentences is just fine—no need to even ask (as stated in most copyright laws). Just remember to link to the original content or to my homepage if the original content isn’t available on my site. Thanks :-)

Needless to say (I hope) that sharing (or reselling) paid products without explicit written permission from me is illegal. I don’t mind if your spouse or business partner goes through a product with you. I don’t mind if you tell people about the concepts in a product. But don’t share even a part of a paid product with anyone (except in your family and company).


If I recommend a service or product, it’s because I’ve found it to be worth buying. Sometimes I use affiliate links, so I get a commission if you buy something. So, feel free to assume all links are affiliate links, even though that’s not the case.

If you don’t want me to get a small compensation for doing the research and recommending the best option, just use Google to find all available options, test them yourself, and make a decision based on that.