Affiliates & Partners

Want to refer me to people you know?

If you’re interested in getting a commission when you promote/introduce me, get in contact.

What you get commissions for?

You get commissions from the sales of the offer you promote directly. You also get commissions from all services that are primarily coaching/consulting (including back-end sales).

As is normal, you don’t get commissions for refunded purchases and canceled/disputed payments. Similarly, if you’ve already been paid commission for such payments, those commissions are deduced from your future commissions.

Commission percentages

Only offers that are currently promoted (or were when I last updated this page) are listed here. If you want to know what the commissions were for something you promoted previously (but isn’t listed here anymore), contact me.

The normal numbers:

  • Purely a service (e.g., consulting): 10% (up to $10,000 per client)
  • Purely a digital product: 50%
  • Offers that include some personal support have a commission level somewhere between 10% and 50%

Current main offers:

  • 6-Figure Website course: 50%
  • 6-Figure Website course with coaching calls: 25%


  • Discounted Clarity Calls (these calls aim for longer coaching and consulting projects, which you get a commission for)
  • Services I buy from a subcontractor and sell forward with little profit (these are a very small part of my business, so this is unlikely to affect your commissions at all)

Note that if a customer gets a special discount (e.g., non-profit), the commission is always calculated based on what they actually pay. This is very unusual, but does sometimes happen.

When and how do you get paid?

If you promote a specific offer, you’ll get commissions for that once the guarantee period and (at least most of) the payment plan payments have cleared. With very long guarantees, we won’t wait that long.

Commissions for long-term services (most commonly coaching/advising) are paid based on what we agree and what makes sense in the case. If you want frequent payments, that’s okay. If you don’t mind less frequent payments, then we go with that.

If you have a preference of how to get paid, let me know, and I’ll take it into account. In general, I choose between PayPal and wire transfer depending on the commission amount.

Note that I reserve the right to withhold commissions for a reasonable amount of time if there seems to be something odd about the payments (e.g., fraud alerts or other red flags with the payments). You will hear if this is happening with an explanation of what’s going on. This has never meaningfully affected commission payments, so it’s very unlikely to happen in the future, either.

Also, if we don’t know each other well, the first commission payment may be delayed. That’s almost exclusively a concern if there are very few sales of digital products or certain concerning patterns appear in the purchases. Don’t worry though, you will get your payment in full—just with a small delay. And I’ll keep you up to date if anything like this happens. This, too, has never happened and almost certainly won’t ever happen.

How long does the tracking last?

The tracking pixel lasts 30 days.

Once people opt-in through your affiliate link, the tracking doesn’t expire. That said, you only get commissions from sales made within 12 months.

However, the tracking is email-address specific and doesn’t carry over someone unsubscribing and buying after that (except during the first 30 days). There may be other technical limitations, and I manually compensate for those as much as I reasonably can.

Can you see your stats somewhere?

Not by default, I’ll let you know your numbers via email or you can ask for an update.

What other rules are there?

Nothing surprising. Break these rules and I can withhold all future commissions.

  • Don’t do anything that could harm me or my brand. So, no lying, exaggerated claims, etc.
  • If you suspect fraud, let me know.
  • If I need some legal info from you (e.g., VAT ID, company address), you need to provide it to get the commissions.
  • If a promotion has a start date and time, don’t start the promotion before that date and time.

The rules can change. If there are any meaningful changes, and I know you’re actively promoting something of mine, I’ll let you know, of course.